DOTA 2's TI11 2022 prize pool tops $7 million, trails TI9 and TI10 in early totals

The International 2022 prize pool has officially passed the $7 million mark in just over 24 hours since the release of the Dota 2 2022 battle pass, but the numbers and timeframe don’t tell the full story.

While achieving that feat in almost a day is impressive, the fact is that Valve has seen this same feat twice before, in 2019 and 2021.

TI11 battle passes already rank as the 11th highest esports prize of all time and will likely easily break into the top 10 by the start of next week, according to Esports Earnings. But projections currently make it less than two previous TI totals.

As of 7pm CT on September 2nd, TI11 sits at a prize pool of $7,152,714 and counting. That factors in Valve’s default base total of $1.6 million and accounts for $5,552,714 of 25 percent of the current total battle pass spend. On the same day, 3.5 hours after the battle pass launch, TI9 had $7.58 million and TI10 had over $8.3 million in the bank—ending at $34,292,599 and $40,018,195 respectively.

That doesn’t look bad at first glance as there’s always a chance TI11 battle pass sales could continue to increase and will likely see a spike somewhere down the line when Valve pushes more Tier Bundles live on Steam. However, the real issue comes with how much time is left on the clock.

While TI9 and TI10 both saw their battle passes launch at various times in May and run well through the Summer, TI11 only launched on September 1st and won’t have much momentum for long. This is due to Valve splitting the 2022 battle pass into two parts and only applying the standard 25 percent buy-in fee for pool prizes to Part I.

Part I will end on November 2nd, just a few days after TI11 ends on October 30th. Once the battle pass portion ends, no additional funds will be added to the event prize pool. This means that, instead of more than three months, TI11 only has two full months to try and compete with its predecessors.

There is a Part II for the battle pass that will launch on November 3rd and last until January 12th, but that has no incentive for the competitive community attached to it.

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Just by the numbers, there’s still a viable chance that TI11 usurps TI9 for the second-largest esports prize pool of all time. But unless something big changes to drive sales at a higher rate for a few weeks, it looks like Dota’s 10-year streak of one self-improvement every TI will end with TI10.

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